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The factory about human hair weaving,toupees,wigs,pre-bonded hair extensions,training heads hairpieces and so much more!

Introduce beauty hair


Beauty, Everyone wants to be beautiful, and no matter what your needs Beauty-hair is the number one internet source for all your hair products!

1. Beautyhair-market provides the best quality remy hair on the market, with products that include: hand tied weft, hand tied silky straight, hand tied regular wave, hand tied deep wave, and hand tied body wave. These remy products are of the highest quality with the merchandise all manufactured by hand

2. If you are a hair manufacturer, or hair salon we have; human hair, human hair fiber, synthetic hair, remy human hair, and colored hair. All designed for wigs, toupees, and hair extensions.

3. As an individual customer who is interested in hair sewing by the use of thread, or bonded hair weaving we have: human hair weaving, silky straight, yaki wave, wet and wavy, deep weaving, jerry curl weaving, water weaving body weaving, Italian weaving and tara wave.

4. If price is a concern we have an excellent line of synthetic hair that can be used for human hair weaving. Our products include: lala curl, love tail, screw curl, forsade, twist afro curl, three piece braids, creracy, three piece jerry curl, yaki body, and natural body products.

5. Beautyhair-market also caries an extensive line of bulk braiding hair, super bulk, yaki bulk, body bulk braiding hair. Our human hair for braids is of superb quality and we carry super bulk, deep bulk, water bulk -----bulk jerry curl bulk, all of which can be braided directly to a customer’s natural hair.

6. For hair braiding we also supply synthetic hair bulk, afro hair bulk, kanekalon jumbo braids, pony tails, dread locks, twist braids, bulk drop curls, zizi braids, spring curls, which are the same quality as human hair, but at a more reasonable price.

7. If you are looking for fashion hair products our line is of the highest quality. We provide: bonded hair extensions, nail hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, hair extension irons, stick body extensions, stick straight extensions, nail straight and nail body extensions. We also carry the pliers, separation plates, glue sticks, glue guns fashion irons and hair extension irons that are so necessary when creating fashion hair!

8. Are you in need of a quality hair pieces? We carry pretty dome, Tripoli , screw drawn string, dome bubble, dome braids, gypsy Delilah dome, accordion laly, screw drawn string, pony d/s curl, edge curl, and coco. All these products clip directly to the customers head.

9. For the best quality in Men’s toupee’s look at our extensive selection, including all the supplies you need in toupee maintenance; toupee tape, and toupee clips, Our toupee products consist of: hair toupees, hand tied toupee’s for men and women, monofilament toupees, and lace toupees for just men

10. For the best quality human and natural hand tied products, check out our hand tied wigs, lace front wigs, crown wigs, monofilament wigs, human hair wigs, party wigs, men’s wigs, blonde wigs, real hair and natural hair wigs, celebrity wigs, powdered wigs crown wigs, air-pieces, lace wigs, costume wigs, and long hair wigs. All items are hand tied to provide you the customer with excellent merchandise.

11. We also carry a large selection of machine created wigs; afro wigs, cheap wigs, party wigs, wigs for kids, fancy dress wigs, wigs for cancer patients, dance wigs, short wigs, synthetic wigs, theatrical wigs, women's wigs ,fashion wigs, half wigs, celebrity wigs, sexy wigs, wholesale wigs, wigs for African client, Irish dancing wigs, wigs for black women, best wigs, dreadlock wigs, tress wigs, fun wigs, wigs stores, dolls wigs, headband wigs, barristers wigs, and queen wigs.

12. If you are a beauty college, in need of a training head, please check out the extensive selection we offer which are perfect for students who wish to learn the art of hair styling and color maintenance.

13. We also carry mannequin heads. This plastic head is perfect for the storage of your wig or toupee when it is not in use, maintaining the products shape and consistency.

If you do not see the product you are interested in contact us and we will do what we can to accommodate your special request.